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We are a production company with a focus on growing the next generation of the Australian entertainment industry through two core goals:Platform new creators who approach storytelling from different backgrounds, identities, and perspectives,Develop and produce larger scale projects in order to build our ability to invest further in the next generation of talent and content.Our core company ethos matches with our company colour - orange;
which is traditionally aligned with the freedom of ideas, encouragement of mutual respect and meaningful conversation. We want this to exist in the people we back and the stories we tell.
In short, we want to collaborate with people who don’t all look, sound, and think the same - to tell stories that are unique, must-watch, and hopeful.


Kurt grew up as an earthmover’s son, so he literally knows a thing or two about getting his hands dirty and being in the trenches - skills that apparently lend themselves well to being a producer of film and television.

Dan is a producer whose love of numbers is only eclipsed by his love of a dry martini. He has worked as a producer of television and feature film, as well as within funding bodies. Despite working on Masterchef and I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here - he still hates mystery ingredients and spiders.

Steph is a Leo sun, Scorpio rising, Aries moon. A queer producer and general rabble-rouser, she loves horror films, narrative-driven video games, and empowering creators to tell stories about their dysfunctional families.

Diya is a development queen and seasoned fangirl, with a dark sense of humour and confusing obsessions with HBO, Batman and The Real Housewives. She is looking for obsession-worthy, unashamedly commercial, surprising ideas that make her laugh, scream or ugly-cry.

Aven is a classical pianist turned filmmaker. His favourite movie is High School Musical and he cooks a mean ratatouille. Malaysia-born, Brisbane-raised, he has worked on projects in Asia and Australia and wants to tell stories which are effortlessly multilingual.


YES, we do accept submissions - via our submissions portal The Popsicle Stand.Orange Entertainment Co. welcomes submissions from individuals and teams – so long as they fit with our company ethos of supporting new talent who don't all look, sound or think the same, and have an element of hope in them.Projects need to have at least one key creative who is from an under-represented community.Your project can already have a producer or team attached looking for co-production support, or you may be a solo creative with no one else on board yet.Please note we're currently receiving a lot of submissions so it may take us a while to come back to you - we definitely still want to see them, we're just a little swamped!If you have any questions, simply send us an email by clicking the button below.Sure, so how do you define under-represented?Isn’t that the question of the times! We understand that diversity can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people but in this instance, we’re referring to cultural and linguistic background, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socio-economic background. If you have some other thoughts or think we’re missing something here, get in touch - we are always here to chat.Cool, what do you want to develop and how?We are open to developing any formats including narrative or documentary, feature or episodic, live-action or animated - as long as the stories themselves fit within our ethos. We are open to multi-platform content, short form, or podcasts if they are a pathway to long form storytelling.What we don’t want to see are stories told by creatives without the lived experience to do so. If you’ve got a great story but don’t think you’re the right person to tell it on your own, find a collaborator who can give it the voice and authenticity it deserves - you and your project will be better for it. A consultant is not enough - we at Orange believe authentic voices should own their own story.Our development process is bespoke to each project - whether it is hosting development brainstorms, applying for funding grants and screen agency assistance, creating and polishing pitch documents, expanding the team with accredited writers, and most importantly pitching to commissioning platforms and distributors. We partner with our creators as co-producers and work with you every step of the way, so that all decisions are made mutually and the process is entirely transparent.Yep, still on board, what do you need?If you’d like us to read your project, you’ll need to submit the following;Project Info
Title, duration, format, genre and a good old fashioned logline.
It’s okay if not all of these things have been decided or it’s too early to tell.
The Team
Make sure you include your CV or a bio about you, and anyone else in the team.
The Plan
Where has the project been and what do you think the next step is?
How do you think we could work together?
Why this, why now?
We are looking for stories that have something to say so tell us why your project needs to be made, why it needs to be made now and who will watch it. A few sentences will do!
I still have more questions or concerns.
That’s okay! We want to be transparent in all of our processes. You can email us any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, just click the ASK button below.


Orange Entertainment Pty LtdMELBOURNE 6 Robert St Collingwood VIC Australia 3066 P +61 3 8547 5900BRISBANE 40 Nile St Woolloongabba QLD Australia 4201 P +61 7 3137 6888SYDNEY 10-16 Charles Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016EMAIL ask@orangeentertainment.coWe accept unsolicited materials though please ensure they are submitted here


It's easy - just enter the information below and attach the required documents. You'll need to supply everything unless it is listed as 'optional'.We're getting a lot of projects being sent to us at the moment but it does mean we're taking longer to get back to people. Please be patient - we definitely still want to read your work we're just a little swamped right now.All documents need to be submitted in PDF format (word, pages etc will not upload)Ready. Set. Go.


We've got it and we'll be in touch if we need anything else or have any questions.Any questions? Just email ask@orangeentertainment.co


We are not currently recruiting but thanks for your interest! If you wish to introduce yourself to us and send a resume please email ask@orangeentertainment.co.



A comedy following the topsy-turvy life of Maddie and her friends as they navigate the pandemic, partners, and the new parameters of life, all from the safety of their very own virtual bar.Produced in partnership with Unless Pictures
Created for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with support from Screen Australia, Screen Queensland and Film Victoria
Created by Meg O'Connell and Mark O'Toole
Directed by Natalie Bailey
Written by Anna Barnes, Meg O'Connell, Declan Fay, and Michele Lee
Produced by Dan Lake, Jackson Lapsley Scott, Meg O'Connell, and Anna Barnes
Executive Produced by Kurt Royan, Sally Riley, Que Minh Luu and Andrew Gregory
Starring Pallavi Sharda, Ilai Swindells, Maria Angelico, Esther Hannaford, Nick Boshier, and Max Brown


A two part documentary that uncovers the truth of what happened that fateful night and the devastation that followed the Chamberlain family for years to come.Produced in partnership with Easy Tiger and Empress Road
Created for Network Ten with support from Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, and Screen NSW
Directed by Mark Joffe
Written by Francine Finnane
Produced by Ian Collie, Rob Gibson, Mark Joffe, and Francine Finnane
Executive Produced by Kurt Royan, Dan Lake, and Sam Neill
Narrated by Sam Neill


At St Mary's Anglican Home, Alice Springs, 1953, two best friends go head to head auditioning for the
lead role in a movie, and face the prospect of leaving the Home for good.
Produced in partnership with Since1788 Productions and Unless Pictures
Commissioned by NITV with support from Screen Australia and Screen Territory
as part of the No Ordinary Black program.
Written & Directed by Tanith Glynn-Maloney
Produced by Tanith Glynn-Maloney
Executive Produced by Dan Lake and Meg O'Connell
Starring Amarlie Briscoe, Siobhan Breaden, Marta Dusseldorp, and Benjamin Winspear


A young man dreams of escaping his bush community and finding riches,
but soon learns that wealth comes in many forms.
Produced in partnership with Since1788 Productions and Unless Pictures
Commissioned by NITV with support from Screen Australia and Screen Territory
as part of the No Ordinary Black program.
Written & Directed by Viviana Petyarre
Produced by Tanith Glynn-Maloney
Executive Produced by Dan Lake and Meg O'Connell
Starring Kurt Abbott, Caleb Hart, Natassia Gorey-Furber, and Audrey Martin


We love collaboration.Orange Entertainment Co. regularly partners with international and interstate companies to bring projects to life. Our strong in-house development and production team are suckers for a good budget-and-schedule session, and we have alliances with The Post Lounge and Resin VFX, meaning we can board a project at any point in the creative life cycle: development, finance, production and post-production.We produce must-watch stories across a variety of formats and genres including scripted series, feature film, documentary, reality and short form content. We have strong local connections with marketplace and have recently created content for Sundance Now, ABC, The Nine Network, Network Ten, Fremantle, and NITV.With offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney Australia, we are able to access our local network of talent and leverage state and federal incentives to help our partners realise their vision. We’re all about expertly tailored finance plans and bespoke development approaches, that will honour the creative and get high production value stories onto screens big and small. And best of all - we move fast. Our production model honours the creative and uses expertly tailored finance plans and budgets to deliver high production values.If you’d like to discuss a project with us, please email